Dream Chasers: G Yamazawa

Now anybody who hears Hip Hop on a daily basis can pretty much remember the first time they heard a flow, delivery or sound from an MC that you knew was gonna blow. What was going through your head the first time you heard Kendrick Lamar or Rhapsody? For my old heads, the first time you heard Biggie, Nas or the Game? So, it’s safe to say every now and then, if you are really fine-tuned into Hip Hop music you run across that type of MC that makes you feel that way. I am not one to promote artist nor was I asked to write about this guy, but in the big picture of things……. this MC is Dope. So, I am not apologizing for anything.

Let me introduce you to or to some, reintroduce you to G Yamazawa. Say what now?! Any educated Hip Hop head knows that all music or artist don’t come from NYC, LA, ATL or NO. Some artist travel a different path, follow a different beat and find success no matter where they come from. So, if you are hot and starting to bubble in the industry, people are going to hear about you. That’s how I came across G Yamazawa and one of the illest flows that I have heard in a minute. His delivery, his voice, and cadence set him apart from a lot of mumble rappers and gadget rappers (those that rely on a trick or stupid saying to make tracks) hitting the airwaves today.

Hailing from Durham NC, and of Japanese roots, G YAMAZAWA has been featured on ABC, NBC, NPR, PBS, and has toured over 200 universities both domestic and internationally. With notable performances at the Sundance Film Festival and the Pentagon, G continues to challenge the American perspective of race & culture, poetry & rap, and the phenomena of the human condition.

Mark my word, I see big things coming out of this artist! All of the traits of success are clearly seen in this individual and I definitely co-sign on this one!

Please take a minute to enjoy G Yamazawa’s track “North Cack” off his Shouts to Durham album.