Snakes…..What Happened to NYC Hip Hop!?

Recently I was in NYC for a family event and enjoyed every single moment of it. There is no secret here, I am from VA but grew up on the Hip-Hop sounds of NYC. To me, back in the day, everything Hip Hop came from what we called down in VA, “up top”! As the culture and sound grew I also came to like the Hip Hop coming out of the West Coast, Down South and all over the world, but with me in my bias ways, I still considered NYC the Mecca of Hip Hop, every chance I got I would go to pay respect to the culture and all that it created. But it’s been a long time since I could honestly say NYC ran the Hip Hop scene. During my most recent trip I was loving all the Cardi B tracks filtering the airwaves, but I also noticed that if she wasn’t on the dial, 9 times out of 10 the song playing was pretty much a track influenced by the current sounds of ATL. Don’t get me wrong I have no beef or dislike of Down South music. But when you are in NYC I want to hear the artist who is hot in the city, I want to hear classic Biggie, Nas, and Jay…….I want the New York experience. Ehh….maybe it’s just me. Then I read a Facebook post that lashed out at two of the most relevant DJ’s in NYC. His post was raw and unfiltered, it was from a place that longs for the old sounds and vibes of NYC. Honestly, I agree with him…….somewhere down the line, New York Hip Hop fell victim to the selfish foolishness of the few that had a grip on the industry both culturally and financially.


Written by Mistah Live

I have been blessed with age. Time will clear bullshit away faster then ex-lax.

Take these two cats. One cat basically had NY on lock and DETERMINED what you and your peers deemed “HOT”. Yes, program directors basically programmed you to “LIKE” the same 20 songs they were being paid to brainwash you with. But, Flex “BROKE” joints. Whatever the process was for him to play your shit at the various clubs and on the radio, THAT was the reason you heard LOCAL SOUTHERN CATS a hundred times a day and a PHARAOH MONCH new single couldn’t be heard once
It ultimately led to NY losing its sound. It went on SO LONG that the streets lost control over dictating what was hot.

So now, when an internet troll and a reality show stripper are basically the “hottest” and are RUNNING NYC, they want to complain about. THE MUSIC???..on a CULTURAL LEVEL???..These cats can’t be read. All the Soulja Boy Flex dropped bombs on. And THE ONE HIT WONDERS featuring either LIL WAYNE, T-PAIN and AKON they had there flunkies play at every club around New York.
This cat Ebro actually called his station THE BIG LEAGUE and you had to “get your numbers up” to get airplay. Where was his concern about conspiracy then???..Flex never gave a fuck about AUTHENTICITY. All those corny, no talent, women hating, materialistic, wannabe rappers that all both of these cats SINGLE HANDEDLY made famous are the reason NYC sounds like another region today. Don’t believe these cats, time has shown them a mirror and they don’t like what they see.