Nike/Levi’s Denim Option

My sneaker days are over. Long gone are the days when I would practically wait out the front of a sneaker spot and cop the latest Jordan’s. I know that a lot of people past the age of 30 still go out and grab the hottest releases. But I’m at a point where my money is better spent on other things. Don’t get me wrong I still love a hot sneaker, and I want to be that guy with the latest and hottest kicks, but like I said other things take priority. The point in case, my brother can always find the hottest sneakers, buy them the day of and flip them online for a pretty penny. That takes planning, research and a bit of luck! He has also been in the sneaker game for a while so he has the know-how to pull this off and profit from it.

Since my sneaker days are over, I always find joy in my son and daughter and seeing the sneakers they bring home or are interested in. So this brings me to my post. About a year or so ago I was in NYC with my family and we went into the Levi Store in Manhattan. Inside there was a pair of retro Jordan’s made out of Levi’s denim. This was nothing new to me because I had seen them before, but my daughter was mesmerized by them and had that look in her eye that she wanted Dad to go ahead and buy them. My sneakerhead brother was with us and he went over to inspect the merchandise and get pricing. He comes back and tells me that we can get that particular pair of shoes back home for a much cheaper price, so purchasing them would not be a good idea. With that expert advice, I turned to my daughter and said nope!

So now Nike has decided to dig a little deeper into this collaboration with Levi’s and create more options. Dropping on August 5th, 2019, Nike will bring Levi’s treatment to Air Force 1 low and high as well as to Air Max 90. Nike plans to incorporate corduroy swooshes, leather tabs, sherpa and various hues all available on

As a person who likes a good sneaker, I think this is very cool. As a parent of a kid in high school, I can already tell you what’s coming next. I will definitely be asked to purchase a pair or two.