Soundboy There’s No Need to Worry…Wu-Tang Performs in RVA

Last night the Wu-Tang Clan performed in Richmond Virginia to a packed house at the Virginia Credit Union Live venue. Fans from all walks of life gathered to see the pioneering Hip Hop group from the island of Staten perform. The DJ warming up the crowd at one point asked if there were any 80’s babies, 70’s babies and even joked that he saw a few 60’s babies. Hip Hop has come a long way and it was truly on display in RVA. Warm up acts included artist affiliated with Wu-Tang, but it was apparent that the people here was for one thing and that was Wu-Tang.

Die-hard fans who came to party with the Wu assembled up front and waited patiently for the main act to start performing. The remaining crowd fell back to the seats around the stage where they chilled, drank beer, sat and relaxed. As promised Wu-Tang took the stage with energy and flair we all expected. Method Man, RZA, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, GZA, Cappadonna, and U-God took the stage and began performing hits from the 36th Chamber and other Wu-Tang albums. Missing was Ghostface Killa and Young Dirty Bastard (Old Dirty Bastard’s son who now performs with Wu-Tang).

Soundboy there’s no need to worry…….

With all the good taking place on the night, RVA celebrated 25 years of Wu-Tang, it would not be Richmond VA without something happening. The sound engineer for the night should have been dragged off of the stage with the effort he put in for the night. As a DJ you sort of have an ear for how music is supposed to sound. As I took my first steps into the venue, I remember mentioning to a few people that the sound was off a bit. Too much bass distorted mids and highs blared all over. But hey the DJ on stage was spinning so maybe the sound engineers were working in the back getting things ready for the main act. Honestly, the first 2 acts sounded OK, but you could tell the sound was a bit off. So when Wu-Tang took the stage it felt as if the sound cranked up another notch or two, RZA began his verse and what came out of those speakers were pretty much hot garbage. At one point during the show Method Man stopped and apologized to the crowd about the sound and thanked the crowd for still being there reciting each verse word for word and giving them that same excited energy throughout the night!

I waited 25 years for this only to be raped by the sounds of an incompetent sound engineer……..but God bless RVA, we still rocked out with the Wu!